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About Sense Naturals

Our formulations began thousands of years ago in Kerala, India. Passed down through a long lineage of apothecaries in co-founder Tobias John’s family of Ayurvedic doctors, medical doctors, organic spice farmers and natural healers. For generations, the John family have perfected these formulations to optimize the nutrient absorption, maximize food synergy and ultimately provide the body with an environment to maintain its homeostasis. The formulations have been passed down on a palm leaf manuscript and the John family is sharing the goodness with Sense Naturals. We all look for answers to make our problems go away. The fact is, it is inside all of us, the body just needs to be in the right balance in order to be healthy.

- Tobias John

Tobias John


Tobias John is conscious of everything that he puts in his body, his Ayurvedic roots have been his way of life since he was very young. He grew up immersed in a world of natural healing and these principles have guided him through his life. As a registered massage therapist, Tobias has been able to perfect his craft of meridian physiology and changing lives through energy work. When Tobias moved to Canada he decided that becoming a RMT would enable him to help people heal in the most profound way. It is here that he has started his journey to spread the word of natural healing to the world.

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Balance is used as an anti-inflammatory, improves and aids in digestion, regulates appetite, relieves joint pain and improves focus and well being.

Sense Naturals Super-Food Anti-Inflammatory

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