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Sense Naturals 'Balance' Formula Bundle (180 Servings)

The only negative I found is the sediment.


Love the product. I started using it for pain relief instead of Tylenol and found out that it also helps with my digestion.

Love the product.

Love the product.


Works good for me

Keeping Healthy

I have been consuming Sense Naturals Balance tea for a couple of years now. I consider this Ayurvedic drink to be a “tool” and my keeping-healthy toolbox! Whenever I am feeling unwell, stressed, or even tired, I typically go and have a cup of this tea. I highly recommend giving it a try, especially given its long history with Ayurvedic practitioners.

Amazing Product

I have been using this Blend for a long time, the difference it makes in my life is huge. It has allowed to free myself from pills and feeling better overall. I will certainly continue using it...

Sense Naturals 'Balance' Formula Bundle (180 Servings)


I’ve only been taking for 5 days now but I’m wide awake all day instead of nodding off throughout the day. Also I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and IBS and my stomach hasn’t been bloated one day, it has been flatter than ever in a few years. I am sleeping so much better as well. I will not stop taking product even though I’m on disability and a bit pricey for me

Love it!!

I've been drinking this lovely beverage for over a year and love it. It sort of calls to me each day after lunch! It calms my belly and helps with inflammation. I highly recommend it for general well being.

Sense Naturals

Wish I could determine if it is helping me. Blind faith , I guess.

100% Satisfied Currently-30 days

I’ve been taking this tea twice a day. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my energy levels/anxiety/gut health. I am currently coming off my anti depressants for the first time in 6 years and I have high hopes this tea will help me for the unforeseeable future.


Have been drinking this tea for 3 months now. I add a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice and it tastes great! No more inflammation or acid reflux.

Great Product

This is an awesome product that has reduced my brain fog significantly as well as balanced my gut health. This is the only product that has helped with brain fog subsequent to my stroke three years ago. The fact that the ingredients are all natural and don't interact with any of the medications I take it's very positive . I highly recommend it.

Product is good but there are not 60 servings

I found that it did increase my energy level and got me off of coffee. I think it helped with the brain fog as well. But it is expensive and there is nowhere near 60 servings. I carefully measured every cup using the scoop provided and couldn’t even get 50 servings.

Life Changing

I stumbled upon Sense Naturals at a farmer's market this past spring. At the time, I was suffering from lifelong IBS and chronic back pain from a sports injury. I have always been a firm believer in a holistic approach to health care, and I decided to give the tea a try. Within days, all of my IBS symptoms were gone, and my back pain was down from a level 10 pain to a 3. As a highly active person, this product has allowed me to do the activities I love with much less pain. I sleep better, and, all around, I feel better. The best part is the product is all natural with zero nasty side effects that big pharma has.
I tried it, and now I will be a lifelong customer.

Helped curb my appetite

I started taking Balance at the beginning of 2023. At that time had a goal to lose weight and improve my health. Taking Balance helped me lose 35 pounds by curbing my appetite and using it as a replacement for mid afternoon snacking. I also had a lot of stomach pain and had been unable to tolerate coffee and caffeine, taking Balance has really helped my stomach issues and digestion. The natural energy I get from Balance has replaced my need for coffee anyway and that has made me feel so much better.

Amazing product!

I got recommended to try this product and I absolutely love it so far. I have felt less bloated and it has helped regulate digestion. I’m excited to see how I’ll feel once I finish the 60 servings. It’s also very tasty!

I love drinking Balance. It tastes so good. I have noticed it helps me with sleeping and focus. I recommend this tea.

My experience

I have been using the balance for just over a year now and it has become an important part of my daily routine. As someone who has suffered from gut issues for over 8 years, this product was the one thing that has given me relief. I have tried many other products in the past and nothing has come close to Sense! Highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to take their health and wellness to the next level

‘Balance’ at its Best!!! Have a drink to help you with the rest!

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Bennet through the Archtype Club and he introduced me to Sense Naturals and the Balance tea. He didn’t know that I had been searching for a natural product to help me deal with body aches and little rest due to a physically demanding career. From the moment I started drinking the Balance formula, I experienced a full nights sleep, I had no more body aches and pains, my digestion was more consistent and I had an overall feeling of well being. I also noticed a consistent flow of physical energy throughout the day!! Balance has now become a part of my everyday life. I am very grateful for the Sense Natural team and the Outstanding work they have done to bring this product to us!!! Cheers to a drink that gives you a warm hug from the inside out.. and always helps you feel your Best!!
Thank you Simon, Brad and Jon for your hard work and commitment to help us all feel alive and well through Balance!!!!!!!! Love you much ❤️

Life Changing Product

I've been taking this product for almost 2 years now. No more anti anxiety medication, sleeping pills. My anxiety melts away when I take this tea!!

Morning Routine

Instead of coffee of tea I begin my day with sense! It has become a beautiful morning ritual for me. Every health practitioner I tell about sense loves all the ingredients and agrees there is nothing more beneficial to start your day right!

Has become part of my daily routine

"Sense Naturals has become an integral part of my daily routine. This natural drink blend is a powerhouse, delivering on its promises of reducing inflammation, enhancing skin radiance, boosting energy levels, and providing excellent detox benefits. What sets it apart is its effective blend of ingredients that not only taste great but also make a noticeable difference in how I feel. I've experienced increased vitality and a clearer, healthier complexion since incorporating Sense Naturals into my regimen. Highly recommended for those seeking a holistic approach to wellness!"

Balanced out my insides

I have committed to adding in the habit of having Sense in the mornings (and working on increasing it to 2-3 times a week). I have IBS-C and since I started taking Sense, my insides have calmed down. I know have regular mornings without massive constipation and cramping. Mood wise, I dont' drink any where as near as much coffee. (don't get me wrong, I love coffee and the flavor), but after I have my Sense naturals, I have energy throughout the day that is consistent. I highly recommend this blend to anyone to support gut and mental health.